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Safety at Work

The prevention of occupational accidents and diseases, has been since 1997, the basic objective of our organization.

Industrial hygiene

The Industrial Hygiene identifies, evaluates, quantifies and corrects the physical, chemical and biological environmental factors to make them compatible with the workers.


Ergonomics prevent worker fatigue in the workplace by adapting the environment to the operator. Psychosociology prevents problems such as stress, dissatisfaction and others acting on psychological factors as possible to humanize the daily task.

Health Surveillance.

Regular monitoring of health status based on the inherent job hazards, under art. 37 RD 39/1997

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Safety at Work


Risk and S. L. Work is an External Prevention Service Occupational Hazard accredited under Law 31/95 of Prevention of Occupational Risks and Royal Decree 39/1997 amending Regulation Prevention Services is approved.

The prevention of occupational accidents and diseases, has been since 1997 , the basic objective of our organization .

Our Prevention Service is capable of developing all kinds of activities on the prevention of occupational hazards, devoting all of its considerable human and material resources at four legally binding specialties occupational safety , industrial hygiene , ergonomics and social psychology and surveillance health .

Our entire staff has extensive skills and experience, consisting of senior technicians in occupational risk prevention in all existing specialties as well as the broad range of materials means available and Labor Risk , allow us to make all kinds of assessments and measurements jobs in any industry or service .

Therefore, the commitment of Risk and Working with clients is:

Bid external prevention service to companies in any industry , so that according to the Law 31/95 of Prevention of Occupational Risks, is permanently covered in all aspects of occupational safety and health.
Providing a service that integrates the system of risk prevention within the management system of the company and therefore increasing productivity and performance.

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